Past Forms is an artist-run organisation and project space that commissions new work, by bringing together international networks of artists committed to the development of emerging practices and discussions in art. Past Forms is an experimental retailer specialising in curating independent projects around a conceptual theme. Past Forms presents a flexible, forward-thinking model of retail that is not tied to one particular location or idea. 

At Past Forms, you will find unique handcrafted pieces by artists from all over the world, showcasing artworks on a new platform devoted to creative innovation and studied crafts. A story lies behind all works and that becomes the heart of each piece. We emphasize sourcing from individuals who focus on producing the most authentic products they can, rather than relying on marketing spins. Creatives that understand their production process and recognize that it is all equally as important as the final result. We hope for you to have the same appreciation and enthusiasm for the pieces you'll buy here at Past Forms, as we had in sourcing them from around the world.

As the climate crisis intensifies we are constantly working towards creating goods that last, using ethically-sourced materials. We are passionate about presenting pieces created to be with you for life. Sustainability is an established notion that weaves and merges together in the way we work and who we work with. Past Forms creators are not only chosen for their brilliance but also because their creative practices reflect our delegation to the environment.